"When our Master Plan was finalized and we realized the extent of work we had to do, we knew that a phased approach would be necessary.  With previous Parish campaigns raising, at most, $600,000, and the first phase of this effort coming in at a cost of $1.5 million, several members of our Leadership Team were hesitant to set such an aggressive goal.  Enter Foley Consulting.  Through their attention to detail, positive attitudes, commitment to stewardship, hands-on training, support of our volunteers, and ability to truly get to know the personality of our Parish, they were absolutely pivotal to our ultimate success.  Their guidance and perseverance helped us reach our goal and conduct the most successful campaign in St. Gertrude's history!"

Reverend Dominic Grassi
St. Gertrude Parish


Foley Consulting, Inc. provides workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. to enable not-for-profit organizations to inspire, train and develop staff, leadership and volunteers. Based on a client’s objective and audience, FCI creates tailored materials and delivers a dynamic, engaging and entertaining program. Previous topics include…


  • Annual Fund – Moving It to the Next Level
  • Annual Fund – The Path to Growing and Predictable Revenues
  • Annual Fund/Major Gifts − Fishing with a Long Line
  • Ask, You Shall Receive – Personal Solicitation Training for Staff and Volunteers
  • Before the Capital Campaign – Planning and Readiness
  • Capital Campaign Readiness − Getting to “More”
  • Capital Campaign Success – From Feasibility Study to Victory Celebration
  • Development 101 – What, How, When and Especially Who
  • Development by Committee – Matching Gifts and Talents
  • Development Essentials and Planning
  • Dialing for Dollars – Phonathons vs. Telemarketing
  • Endowment – Set Up, Marketing, Solicitation, Donor Recognition
  • Finding Friends and Funds for Ministry
  • From Anxiety to Accomplishment – Turn Your Board into Fundraising Stars
  • Giving in the Here and the Hereafter – Donor Cultivation
  • Grantsmanship – When, How and How Not to Prepare and Pursue Proposals
  • Money in the Mailbox – Direct Mail Strategies
  • More Money, More Kids – Fundraising and Student Recruitment
  • Moving Donors through the Pyramid – Major Gift Programs
  • Raising More Money – Evaluate, Identify, Target, Plan, Act, Evaluate…Again and Again


  • Affirmation, Attraction, A+ Results – Retention and Acquisition
  • Building Within, Reaching Beyond – The Power of Partnerships
  • Caring, Communication and Customer Service – Building Relationships for Life
  • Conquering Communication
  • Enrollment Management – A Framework for Success
  • Marketing and Enrollment Management
  • More Kids, More Kids, More Kids – Time-Tested Student Recruitment and Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic Planning for Student Recruitment and Marketing
  • Student Recruitment – Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Implementation, Evaluation
  • The Essential Continuum – From Student Recruitment to Alumni Relations
  • The Power of Partnerships – Enhancing the Teacher-Parent Dynamic
  • What Do You Say?  Clear, Compelling and Consistent Communications

Institutional Enhancement

  • Alumni: A Most Valuable Resource – Research, Communication, Involvement, Support
  • Beyond Fundraising – Stewardship, Discipleship and Evangelization
  • Board, Staff and Volunteer Development – Expectations, Orientation, Training, Appreciation
  • Characteristics of a Strong Board
  • Moving it to the Next Level of Excellence
  • Strategic Planning – and Acting!
  • The Gift of Volunteers – Handle with Care
  • The Mature Development Program
  • The Role of the Board in Institutional Advancement
  • Trends, Best Practices, Resources
  • What Next?  Audit, Assessment, Benchmarks, Goal Setting
  • What’s Next?  Goal Setting for Institutional Advancement
  • Who’s on First?  Defining the Role of the Board


  • Characteristics of a Stewardship Parish
  • How to Evaluate Time, Talent and Treasure Practices
  • Stewardship – Creating a Culture, Implementing an Ongoing Commitment Experience
  • Stewardship – Fulfilling Our Baptismal Call
  • The Spirituality of Stewardship – How Faith, Gratitude and Prayer Eclipse Time, Talent and Treasure
  • Tracking Stewardship Progress